Welcome to Sheepskin wholesale UK!  We are based in High Wycombe.

Sheepskin wholesale UK makes and sell a wide selection of quality sheepskin, calf  and possum skin products for shops, stores and organizations.
Our products are made from original and natural sheepskin by various Europena countries suppliers. Sheepskins are perfect for in your own home, car or even for a gift. We are based in the beautiful country of  United Kingdom, which is known for its abundance sheep, which provides us with great scenery and great people everyday.


We started few years ago supplying only to one store,  Abigail Home & Style. We now supply products to a wide variety of stores across the country.
Sheepskin wholesale UK is one of a few wholesale company’s that are proudly 100% British Company owned and operated. We have a great range of 100% natural Scottish wool, calf and possum skin products that can be used anywhere, in the home, at work or even when your traveling.


We are dedicated to supply excellent products but if you have any queries about the products or our website please use the contact form on the contact page.


From May 2014 Sheepskin wholesale decided to dedicate our business to our wholesale customers. We have now closed our retail business, if you wish to purchase our products please contact us and we will provide you a store details you can easy make an order. We hope to hear from you soon, Sheepskin wholesale UK



Some of our products:



We source our sheepskin in Great Britain & Scotland. The natural environment and growing conditions combined with some of the worlds most advanced sustainable farming practices and sheep breeds produce the best sheepskin raw material.



Our sheepskin buyers work one-on-one with our suppliers to assess and select, with exceptional attention to detail, the highest quality skins. Feedback is immediate and effective. This process means we have intimate knowledge and detail about the raw materials we send to the factory.



A strong relationship is what links this chain together. Respect, commitment and a long-term approach, sit at the heart of these transactions and ensures that Sheepskin Wholesale enjoys a stable supply of the highest quality raw material.



The process of tanning has a long history, starting with primitive societies seeking the warmth offered by animal skins. Prehistoric peoples in Europe, Asia and North America discovered the technique of creating leather from skins independently of each other.