24. Fallow Deer Rug 100% Natural Genuine Product.

These skins are typically 110 cm- 120 cm x 70-80 cm.
They’re a natural product so they will vary minimally from one to another.
Prices for 15 rugs £49.99 free delivery.

Price for one rug £69.99 plus £6.99 delivery.

We look forward to completing your request. For any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to contact
us any time.
To ensure you get something you love, we offer a range of colours and sizes. Our infant care rugs are also
specially sanitised which stops bacteria & dust mites ensuring they are safe for babies. Check out the large
range of sizes, and if you want something different we have designer rugs and a custom made service.
Available in a wide range of colours from vibrant fashion shades to more subdued natural hues with your specific
requirements met as needed.


Wool is not “hot”. It is a natural insulator with the air trapped between fibres working to regulate
temperature. This is one of the things that makes sheepskin a great covering for our cubes and bean bags: it’s
warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.